NewSquare Capital, a registered investment adviser and portfolio management firm, provides investment guidance to clients based on their specific financial objectives. In addressing client objectives we consider risk tolerance, time horizon, income needs, liquidity needs, tax sensitivity, and other pertinent factors. Investment strategies seek to provide an appropriate balance between risk and reward and include taxable and tax-exempt fixed income strategies, and diversified portfolio strategies for conservative, moderate, and aggressive investors.

The firm offers the S3 Portfolios, a proprietary family of investment strategies. Each S3 Portfolio is built with Exchange-Traded Funds to deliver distinct advantages over both traditional stocks-and-bonds investing and static index investing. These advantages can add significant value to investors’ results.

With the S3 Portfolios, NewSquare Capital delivers the sophisticated investment strategies sought by experienced investors. At the same time, they deliver the simplicity that is welcomed by all investors in today’s complex world.